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Experimentally What? Or Shouldn't the Group have Defined It?

      An organization that I am in has an online show that will open in a few months. Besides posting a painting, the member must explain what the term "Experimental" means, and then explain what makes the work 'experimental'. I've been a member now for about two years. The group never meets where I am located and so far no publication that I have read explains what the term means.

Stretching Yourself or Stopping

These are pretty different for me. I’m not sure what I was thinking tho at one time I decided just to use up some ink and practice something and then wondered what I had. I turned it upside down and it reminded me of someone and something and I played again. 

I find my hardest time with doing paintings far different than who I am or trying to stretch past my ability or my personality is knowing when it is “done”. 

Designing a New Website

When I was in graduate school I used to know how to design things in HTML, and drop pictures into websites, and even how websites should look. In some respects I still believe how I think websites should look. Unfortunately now, I no longer know how to do these things, and so I use templates. You know--someone elses designs that you dump stuff into it.