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When I was in graduate school I used to know how to design things in HTML, and drop pictures into websites, and even how websites should look. In some respects I still believe how I think websites should look. Unfortunately now, I no longer know how to do these things, and so I use templates. You know--someone elses designs that you dump stuff into it. 


Somehow as an artist a template seems like cheating. First off you know that the person who designed all these templates probably got paid zip. And secondly, you know that when you are in an art workshop and the Instructor/Artist takes your brush, that a)they should ask about taking your brush; b)they make it look easy and it isn't really easy; and alas, c)what they did with the painting isn't what you wanted the painting to look like. 

And so, you will see that my website and my blog will change a lot in the coming months as I learn to figure out what I'm doing, while I try to continue to do a lot of painting. 

Please send suggestions or if you actually know how this website works, I'll pay you to help me. 



Nice Website. Nice to see some of your paintings that I've not seen before. I especially liked the one titled Bicycle Trip.

You go girl!

Keep it up!


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