Experimentally What? Or Shouldn't the Group have Defined It?

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      An organization that I am in has an online show that will open in a few months. Besides posting a painting, the member must explain what the term "Experimental" means, and then explain what makes the work 'experimental'. I've been a member now for about two years. The group never meets where I am located and so far no publication that I have read explains what the term means. And yet, the group is titled "International Society of Experimental Artists." I think I thought about this when I joined, but maybe I'm just stupid not to be able to find it. 

     My bio will tell you that I didn't take a watercolor class until 2007 and my first weekend I spent an entire weekend trying to paint a petal like we had in class. This is not, to me experimental art--watercolors aren't experimental this way, and while I might have considered that I was experimenting, I really wasn't. And it wasn't until I moved to NC and decided that I didn't want to paint the way other artists in a group painted that I ever went anywhere near Experimental. And so at that time, to me, Experimental Art met that I could or was going to paint my way, not someone else's way. And, in some respects, I still may think that from time to time. 

     From 2007 to 2009 I drifted from watercolors, to alcohol ink, alcohol inks with a hair dryer, to one to two classes in collage, oil painting, abstract art, and so on. I took a few workshops in watercolor, but it really wasn't my thing, if for no other reason than my hands shook during the painting. 

     And then some how I fell into online classes in something called Mixed Media. I'm still not sure what this is but I can tell you that I may use up to more than 17 different mediums, and that my paintings often have more than 60 layers. But does this mean I'm an experimental artist? OR does this mean that my art is experimenntal. I'm not sure. 

     The painting below is not the painting I'm going to enter in the experimental catagory. It is Abstract Koi done with Alcohol Inks, pan pastels, and markers of vary types. I just like it as I think it is the closest I have come to a Koi. 

     Do let me know what you think experimental art is and if you experiment. Tommy





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